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Album Review: Bad Daddy - It’s a Mad Mad Bad Dad World

Artist: Bad Daddy

Album: It’s a Mad Mad Bad Dad World

Release: 2022

This record is steeped in respect for tradition, being mindful of not straying too far from the foundation that the great electric bluesmen of Chicago and Texas built over decades, while still forging forward into the modern blues landscape. The vocals are reminiscent of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and the guitar playing has strong hints of Robben Ford. The production is clean while the guitars and vocals are just dirty enough to keep it real.

On track one “Blues at Home” the two references I mentioned above jump through the speakers. Smoky vocals float effortlessly across the backdrop of a solid band laying it down while weaving in and out of a riff that feels as much classic blues as it does Allman Brothers influenced. The bass line on this track is exceptional, as is the guitar. The guitar solo is a perfect piece of music telling its own story, tucked comfortably within the song. Great tone, chops, taste and well composed. It has twists and turns that hold my attention while never becoming overbearing. Make no mistake, Pete Galanis is a great guitar play

The first radio single from the set is “Pork Pie Hat”. A Motown influenced drum fill sets up a blues track swimming in funky New Orleans overtones reminding me of something perhaps Sonny Landreth would be at home within. Subtle under current slide guitar and sweet background vocals fill the space beautifully. After listening through the whole album it is clear why this was chosen as the radio single. This track is a united voice tactfully framing the entire set of music.

My favorite track on the album is “The Blues I Can Use”. A slow sizzle that feels like it would be on a record made of sand paper. The vocals sit on a thick organ pad as comfortably as a cat laying in a spot of sunlight on the floor, finding the warmest and most illuminated spot in the room and being completely content within it.


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