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Little Bobby Release "God Made Me Blue"

Little Bobby is a third generation Native American musician who has followed in his father’s and grandfather’s musical footsteps. He has carved out his own musical path performing at some of the largest blues festivals from The Chicago Blues Festival in Chicago, IL to the Rawa Blues Festival in Poland. He’s recorded and produced several albums such as Before the Storm (2005), Life of the Blues (2010) and Showbiz (2015) to name a few. He’s also recorded and co-wrote number one blues albums such as “Good Blues” (2011) by Nora Jean Bruso and “He Digs Me” (2014) by Sunday Wilde.

This album contains a perfect mixture of blues, rock, country and R&B, sure to appeal to any genre lover.

Lydia Rose, a young local singer with a beautiful, soulful voice that will certainly make any listener feel the blues, makes her album debut on the title track “God Made Me Blue” and the vocals on “My Favorite Mistake”.

The late Ashly Nupdal is featured on the last track “That Ain’t Right.” This song was written for her and recorded several years ago before her tragic passing.

Award winning saxophone player Maurey Finney provides that perfect smooth touch to the songs “Dream” and “Just Like My Old Man,” a song Little Bobby dedicated to his father, Big Bobby. This tune has a lot of heart and soul with a raw blue edge to it and just a taste of that ‘80s country-like Hank Williams Jr. swagger.


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