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New John Primer Album "Teardrops For Magic Slim"

February 21st, 2023 is the 10th Anniversary of Magic Slim's death.

John Primer wanted to pay tribute to the great Blues Master and reunite with the living Teardrops as well as Slim's son, Shawn Holt to make a new album celebrating Magic Slim's songs. This all went down live at Rosa's Lounge in Chicago on November 26th,

2022. The Teardrops for Magic Slim is a labor of love to the legendary Magic Slim. John Primer & The Teardrops want to bring Magic Slim back into focus and shine a light on what they accomplished together. John wants the younger generation to listen to Magic Slim & The Teardrops music and to realize where the music came from.

Magic Slim was a giant in the blues world! John was given the opportunity for 13 years (1981-1993) to learn from him, to keep the blues alive, and to carry it forward. We hope everyone will research Magic Slim & The Teardrops, pay them the respect they deserve and enjoy the music they made together. The night was MAGIC! Bringing this super group of musicians together again was amazing! The energy steadily grew each day.

More and more people wanted to come to the sold-out show. The phone to buy tickets rang off the hook all day. The energy and excitement grew. Everyone wanted to see John Primer & The Teardrops perform Magic Slim's songs together again after 30 years! There wasn't an empty chair or space to stand at Rosa's Lounge that magical night. The audience was eager and excited to get going. With each song John called out to the magic man, he was with us. You could feel Magic Slim with every note that came from John's guitar. If you closed your eyes the music took you back to the good old days when they were playing together in a smoky barroom somewhere in Chicago. They called out to Magic Slim with each song they played, giving him their love and respect.

As the audience rode the Teardrops blues train it was exhilarating, sad at times, and exhausting as you felt the energy coming from John's guitar and the Teardrops giving you every ounce of energy they had to give. It was pure joy and love!


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